BOB’s Tree Service
Ocala, FL 34479

Welcome to BOB’s Tree Service

Here at BOB’s Tree Service, we understand how important the proper care and maintenance of trees on your property can be. Trees can be the deciding factor in what makes a lawn look presentable, often complimenting the various features and shrubbery around them. Unfortunately, due to their stationary nature, care and maintenance of trees goes overlooked. Trees can often become infected or die, putting other foliage at risk and leaving your home vulnerable to falling branches and debris from windy storms.
BOB’s Tree Service is very aware of these risks, and has an expert team of arborists to help. From diagnosis of tree-borne diseases to removal of a large fallen tree, BOB’s Tree Service gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and completely to your specifications. We guarantee all of our work, and we are fully licensed and bonded. We also pride ourselves on being a fully family owned and operated business.
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